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Staying Motivated about Fitness Tips

Staying Motivated about Fitness Tips

Have you committed to exercise and started with all your zest and vitality, only to find that you’ve come crashing down to the ground hard? Well, do not feel bad; we have all been there and done that. 

Five Ideas for Staying Motivated about Fitness

The first step to incorporating exercise into your daily routine is the decision, the second step is the action, and the third step is the commitment. However, commitment comes with another component, and that is to stay committed and to stay motivated.

There are several ways to conquer the motivation monster, and here are the top five:

  • 1. Change Your Mindset

    Once you have exercised, it is important to commit. Thinking about it is wonderful, but acting upon it is another story. Change how you view your newfound decision by making it something positive and rewarding rather than just one more dreaded thing you have to accomplish.

  • 2. Visualize

    Practice visualizing your goal. If your goal is to be healthier, spend some quiet time meditating on wearing flowing white clothing sitting on the beach, and being healthy, happy, and whole. If you are heading toward a long-awaited vacation, picture yourself in a beautiful sundress or bathing suit that you have wanted for a very long time. 

  • 3. Get Together with Your Best Pal 

    Grab a pal and have a “calendar date.” Match your calendars to find that time slot where you are both available for 30 to 45 minutes of exercise. You find that the motivation and being accountable to that date and time will open up the time slot needed for exercise and socialization.

  • 4. Make It a Family Affair

    Rather than taking the kids to the park and sitting on a bench watching them play, grab your bicycles and go for a ride. Not only does that make time for exercise, but it also makes time for family. When your children are enthusiastic about going on a bike ride with you, that enthusiasm will become contagious and continue to motivate you.

  • 5. Exercise when You Least Want to 

    Many of us are guilty of feeling and thinking too much, especially when we have a “bad day.” It is at that moment that you should replace your downward spiral with exercise. Not only will it give you the results for your body, but it will also work wonders for your mind. This may not be easy at first. However, when you first accomplish this, you will see many positive results. Your mindset will change, and you will have created a recent memory to keep you motivated next time you are down in the dumps. You will turn something negative into something positive.

When all is said and done, if you keep a short journal about your positive exercise experiences and turn to it during those “I don’t have the time or I don’t feel like it” moments, you will read the results right off the page and get moving.

Fun Ways to Get Fit at Home

Not everybody can afford an expensive gym membership with all the bells and whistles. After working all day and carrying out family obligations, even with new finances, leaving the house is difficult for many folks. That is where creativity in life comes into the picture. 

Finding fun ways to get fit at home does not have to be expensive or painful. It can be filled with joy and humor as well.

Revert to Your Childhood Days

  • If you do not have a bicycle, maybe it is time to invest in one. Bicycling can be fun, and it eases your mind and gets you outdoors. Even if you only go for 15 minutes a day or a longer excursion during the weekend, you will see how much fun it is to ride a bicycle again. In addition, of course, you make it a family affair if you have children. Bicycling is a fantastic way to put the fun back into fitness.
  • Break out the roller skates. Roller skating is back with a vengeance. Men and women all over the country are heading to indoor facilities to roller skate and heading outdoors again to rollerblade with fervor. If you never learned how to roller skate when you were a kid, there are many groups to join for newcomers, beginners, and more advanced skaters. 
  • Jump roping and jumping jacks are not just for kiddies. These activities make for a great cardio activity and burn loads of calories too.

Break out the Technology

  • With technology today, there are no excuses not to exercise at home and have loads of fun with that. Extreme dance, Zumba, and tennis games are all available through technology in video games and fitness consoles. Every option from yoga to dance fever and bowling is available for your fun and enjoyment. The best part is that you get to enjoy time with family and friends while working out and not even know that you are burning calories.

Dance, Sing and Be Happy

Everything you do burns calories, even brushing your teeth. Doing karaoke while dancing at home is a great way to have fun and burn calories. Putting your favorite music CD in and dancing up a storm is a great way to exercise and have fun, especially when no one is looking.

Popping in a Yoga DVD that takes it up to the next level, such as Yogalates or power Yoga, will increase your flexibility and help you burn calories and pump up the cardio meter.

The Secrets to Enjoying Exercise

If you are like most folks, the mere thought of exercising is enough to have your mind make up many excuses why you should not, could not, and will not exercise. However, there are some secrets and tips to enjoy exercise to its fullest.

Grab a Buddy

Often we can view exercise regimens as solitary confinement – like a sentence we have to endure all on our own. Guaranteed you have a pal or co-worker who feels the same way. The adage that misery loves company would apply in this situation.

However, once you get together with a friend to exercise and go to the gym or take that power walk or a Zumba class, you will see how much fun it is and enjoy exercising.

Change your View of Exercising

Only you can change how you perceive something. Only when you have associated positive thoughts and feelings with exercise, will you override the negative connotations with exercising.

You find feelings of accomplishment will outweigh that excuses such as being tired, such as recognition that you burned 500 calories that night or even the simple fact that you feel energized and we’re glad you went. 

Focus on the positive results and feelings you get the first time you exercise and bring that feeling back up to the forefront of your mind the next time you are heading out to exercise.

Be Creative

Be creative with your exercise routines and regimens. You do not have to think about gigantic machinery you are unfamiliar with or a gym full of strangers. Find something you love to do and incorporate that into exercise.

For some, that is dashing, and for others, it is dancing your heart out. Dance is not only a creative outlet; it is also one that will burn hundreds of calories. Even if you are not a professional dancer, taking a swing class or a jazz class is only the beginning of discovering one secret to enjoying exercise.

Make a Date with Exercising

If you leave exercising to a chance date or time, you will more than likely set yourself up for failure. Make a specific date and time for exercise, whether you go out to the gym or do it at home. Write in on your calendar, put it on your to-do list, and commit to it. After you are done, you will be glad you did.

Five Ways to Find More Time to Exercise

For exercise, we all have good intentions. First, we decide to exercise; next, we announce it to the world, and finally, we decide to go all out and purchase new equipment, clothing, or even a gym membership. Then something happens, or rather does not happen. 

We cannot seem to find the time or the desire to finish what we wholeheartedly started.

Whenever we incorporate something new into our life, whether it is diet or exercise, we must first realize that it is, in fact, new. We must incorporate a new habit into our lives daily. And, lies the problem. We are so stuck in our patterns that we do not even know how to add something else to our to-do list.

  • 1. Put It in Writing

    Put the word exercise or Zumba or power walk on your calendar in bright red ink. Pick a date and time every week and put it everywhere, from a cell phone reminder to an email to yourself. Putting things in writing seems to commit to accomplishing that task attached to it.

  • 2. Review and Replace

    Rather than trying to cram one more thing into an already hectic schedule, examine that schedule and see what you can delete and replace it with your newfound love of exercise. Perhaps an hour of Facebook time or game playing on the computer can be deleted and exercise put in its place. Do these things only on the weekends and free up some time for exercise during the week.

  • 3. Inspect Your Schedule

    Perhaps you could go to bed 30 minutes earlier, three times per week, and get up 30 minutes earlier, three times per week. Not only will you see that this minor shift will give you the extra time in the morning, but it will change the entire outlook of your day.

  • 4. Give Something Up

    Often, when we want to achieve a new goal, we fall short because we are unwilling to give something up. We want to add this new goal to an already packed calendar. Perhaps giving up Happy Hour every other Friday or giving up sleeping late two Saturdays per month will do the trick.

  • 5. Lunch Hour

    Take a good, long, hard look at your lunch hour. Is there any way that you could take 30 minutes for a brisk walk and then the other 30 for actual eating? The phone calls you were going to make or emails you were going to send will be there waiting for you tomorrow.

Whether or not you realize it, finding more time to exercise is not simply a matter of time; it is a matter of practice, thinking, and creating as well. When you have the incentive, you will find the time.

Staying Motivated about Fitness Tips

Staying Motivated about Fitness Tips

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