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Losing the First 40 Pounds in Four Months

Don wants to weigh 210 pounds again.

He has been overweight for over 25 years.

Four months ago he weighed 365 pounds. That’s when he set his goal to lose the weight and to bike an average of 100 miles a week. He has lost 40 pounds since then.

Last week he posted this on his blog;

“I am a half pound from my official “40 pounds lost” day! It has been a little bit of a culture shock.

Don on Day One, Four Months Ago

I can get in and out of my car easier. I am now wearing 3X shirts instead of 4X. I’m ready to buy a new belt…I’m on the last hole! 

When I hear people talking about getting in shape, I smile inside knowing that I am riding my bike 20 miles every day. I remember when I needed to lose 155lbs!! Now it’s only 115lbs! I know you’re laughing…Only 115lbs I say. But it is great to know that things are changing.” 

Please check out his blog – 210 Again – and encourage him on his journey. He has made a couple of inspiring short videos – one from the first day and one after 100 days.

 Congrats on your fabulous progress Don!

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