Philly Weight Loss Center Weight Loss Tips Swimming to Lose Weight – 100 Pounds Lighter Now

Swimming to Lose Weight – 100 Pounds Lighter Now

Matthew at Start of Weight Loss
Matthew after losing 100 pounds

Matthew weighed 469 pounds about five months ago. He’s lost an incredible 104 pounds since then. He still wants to lose another 150 pounds but realizes this may take quite a bit longer.

Matthew did this by completely overhauling his diet and exercising almost every day.

His exercise of choice is swimming and his almost daily schedule includes 225 yards easy freestyle, 100 free sprint, 50 easy free, 100 butterfly sprint, 75 easy free, 100 backstroke sprint, 50 easy, 100 sprint free and 200 more yards to cool down.

I’m not sure what this means in terms of mileage and whether it would be something like a one hour workout or much more? (Please let me know in the comments).

He’s limited animal products to less than 20% of his daily diet. He also cut out all sodas and now just drinks water. He’s got a really good suggestion about adding nutritional yeast to your diet. Nutritional yeast has no sodium or gluten and is loaded with B vitamins. One of his favorite new meals is to use premade wheat crust, throw some tomato sauce and olive oil on it, pile it high with vegetables and then liberally top it with nutritional yeast. Bake it and you have a very nutritious pizza. He also recommends using nutritional yeast as a spaghetti sauce topper.

Congrats to you Matthew! Hope we hear another progress report soon!

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