Philly Weight Loss Center Weight Loss Tips New Year – New Inspiration to Lose Weight!

New Year – New Inspiration to Lose Weight!

Mike after extreme weight loss

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted any stories for quite a while. But wanted to get back to it and here is a very joyous and inspirational video to help you in your New Year’s resolutions and motivation!

Mike lost over 350 pounds. He lost it in a very short time (in his first 17 months of weight loss, he lost 330 pounds). He was obese all his young life but at the age of 20 a big switch went off (after a car accident) and he completely transformed his lifestyle.

Mike didn’t follow any specific diet. He just started eating what he knew was healthy (and not processed food) and began walking… Check out this very inspirational two minute video of his before and after pics;

 He provides this FAQ on his youtube video page;

  1) What diet plan did you do?

I didn’t follow any “mainstream diet”. I just used common sense and consumed things that are widely accepted as healthy like fruits and vegetables, whole grains (oats, not processed whole grains like in cereals), lean sources of protein such as fish and poultry and overall cut out junk food and soda entirely–yes, cold turkey. Eat less calories than you burn and you WILL lose weight and make it a habit to look at the nutritional facts of food that you eat, being educated is over half the battle. 

 2) What kind of training did you do?

I didn’t have access to a gym or a trainer so again I did what instinctively came natural and walked everywhere. I skipped going out to eat with my friends to go for a walk and met up with them after and I was that much better off for it. I walked everyday no matter what, adding distance as the walk got easier. After I lost the bulk of the weight I took up lifting weights in hopes to build muscle mass and fill out my skin. 

3) What surgeries did you have done/do you have any problems with loose skin??

I did not have any bypass or gastric surgery or any weight loss surgery at all for that matter. I lost all the weight entirely on my own. Naturally I have loose skin all over my body. After losing the bulk of the weight I had man boobs and a very large skirt of skin which I was fortunate enough to have removed by surgery and that was covered by my medical insurance. Mine was a severe case, this is not typical from what I hear. 

He also has a highly recommended longer video detailing his weight loss journey here. Mike has managed to keep the weight off for years now and only gets happier and fitter each year. Amazing feat and change of life!

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