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The Ketogenic Diet For A Sustainable Way To Lose Weight

The ketogenic diet is a program that works for many people. When it is followed, it can result in fast weight loss, improved mental clarity, increased energy and a reduction in health issues. Most people know someone who has tried this diet and seen success and they may have even tried it themselves. In order to experience the full benefits of what this low carbohydrate diet has to offer, it’s important to stick with it. These tips can make the difference between success or going back to square one:

Ketogenic diet  with nutrition diagram written on a note.Intermittent Fasting

The process of intermittent fasting is one of the most important tips for getting in and staying in ketosis. Since this type of fasting removes both carbohydrates and proteins from the diet, it causes the body to burn fat for fuel very quickly. Intermittent fasting is the complete avoidance of food for anywhere from 12-24 hours daily. Most people find it is easiest if they go from the evening meal one day to the evening meal on the next day.

Drink Water

Most people understand the benefits of drinking water but very few do it as they should. In fact, chronic dehydration is a serious issue for many people. Generally speaking, drinking half of the body weight in ounces of water daily is best. When the body is super hydrated, it makes the ketogenic diet easier and more effective.

Be Cautious with Protein

A low carb diet is one that restricts carbohydrates but it is also one that restricts protein. Consuming too much protein results in gluconeogenesis, a process in which the body converts amino acids into glucose. The real key to this diet is stopping the body from burning glucose. As a general rule, an average individual would not eat over 1 g of protein for every kilogram of body weight.

Consider Eating Carbohydrates

Although this is a very low carbohydrate diet, there may be some benefit to cycling in and out of ketosis on a weekly basis. Adding some healthy carbohydrates (sweet potato, berries) one day per week can help the body to get out of a stuck point and continue with weight loss.

Exercise Is Important

When the keto diet is followed, the body will burn fat consistently but adding some high-intensity exercises on a regular basis can further help to accelerate weight loss. It can also result in many other health benefits, including increased energy, a stronger heart, and less stress. Typically, a program that includes regular walks, some resistance training, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) aerobic workout will produce the best results.

A keto diet is something that has helped millions of people to achieve their weight loss goals. It is also an easy diet to maintain because the foods are both delicious and satisfying. Regardless of whether the dieter is looking for fast weight loss, increased energy or better health, this diet is able to produce those results in abundance.

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