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Weight Loss Success for Morgan

Morgan is 5’6″ tall. In the before photo she weighs about 225 and in the after pic she is at 135 pounds.
Morgan was over 100 pounds above her ideal weight after years of adding pounds in high school and university. When she finished University she was at her heaviest weight ever, at about 250 pounds. 
It took her about two years to lose 115 pounds and she has maintained her current weight of 135 for over three years now. 
Congrats to Morgan. Thanks much for your inspiring story!
I initially  began with small changes (changing unhealthy go to’s with more nutritious options).. a huge part of my weight loss was fueled by being unhappy and being uncomfortable in my own skin. 

I was never a heavy child, I was quite the opposite, underweight most of my life and spent my time doing competitive dance and swim. As I got older my dedication to the sports diminished and I became more concerned with hanging out with my friends and other teenagery things.

Because the exercise shift was so massive and my eating remained the same within the 4 years of high school I gained 65 lbs and an additional 40 lbs once university food became incorporated into my diet. I had never been so heavy before.

I was insecure, none of my clothes fit, I was bigger than all of my friends and people began making fat jokes when they thought I was out of hearing range. Enough was enough. One day after I finished my last exam and was getting ready to start my new summer job, I decided that school was over, exams were done; it was time for a change. What’s better to work on than my happiness? 

I dug up an old weight watchers book from the depths of my basement dating back to high school (the first time I attempted to loose the excess weight.) and the journey began. The first year I lost 80 pounds through just diet shift- I used weight watchers to help me monitor my eating choices and keep my diet balanced and my habits healthy (I come from a long line of eating disorders on my mothers side of the family; 3 generations of models… go figure) The remaining weight came off in my second year as I slowly incorporated regular exercise into my routine as well. 

Through my weightless journey I developed a better relationship with food and exercise, but in that I also developed a better relationship with myself. In those two years I learned how to love myself again. Not because I was thin, but because I was taking care of myself, nourishing my body and claiming back as my own.

Weight loss is hard, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but  that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Take it day by day and don’t beat yourself up for the little binges or bad days. Progress is progress- just keep moving forward.

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