Triphala – A Natural Aid for Weight Loss

I’ve been very happy with my weight for a few years now but there is something not quite right with my digestive system. I am not absorbing the nutrients and eliminating the waste as efficiently as I could be. I think I may be short on some healthy intestinal enzymes or may have accumulated some unhealthy bacteria or virus but I know something is not quite right as my stomach often makes outrageous noises and the intestines seem to move (!) after a meal and I often feel a need to (excuse me) release gas, which was never a problem I had before. This has been an ongoing thing for a few years now.

Although my weight continues to be ideal (I am middle-age and do not expect a completely flat mid section) I think my stomach is more bloated than it should ideally be. Though I eat mostly healthy, non-processed foods, I do have three bad habits which probably impact my digestive system; coffee, red wine and cigarettes. It would be good if I could quit at least one of these and see if this improves my digestive system but I can’t see myself doing that anytime soon..

On hearing about my digestive ailments, a friend who is a healer and has incredible nutritional knowledge recommended I try taking Triphala powder (mixed into a glass of warm water) for a month.

I had never even heard of Triphala before but after looking it up it certainly sounds amazing and it does appear that the exceptionally leading-edge healthy people in the yoga/vegetarian circles are in the know about it and are raving about it.

This ‘mild laxative’ is the single most commonly prescribed herbal supplement by Ayurvedic experts. A very strong core principle of Ayurvedic medicine is that perfect digestion is the basis of all health  So healing the digestive system is the first priority of Ayurvedic experts.

Triphala acts as a natural laxative. It helps cure constipation and promotes regular bowel movement. For people who have developed digestive issues, it is seen as being a very helpful and easy aide to restore health to your digestive system. But its wonders go much broader than that. It has also been shown to improve the functioning of the liver, colon, heart, to improve circulation and to be a great aid in weight loss!

So I am going to start taking a teaspoon of this powder each day and will report back in a couple of weeks to let you know how it’s going and whether it’s working. (Update Note: April 14th….Hi, it’s been about three weeks and I can say the triphala is definitely working great for me. I’ve been taking about half a teaspoon in boiled water (that i’ve mixed and let sit for a while) each day. It has made my stomach feel a bit queasy but i definitely feel it has been eliminating toxins from my digestive system and my distended stomach is shrinking ! I feel like I’ve lost at least a waist size (and I’ve been eliminating more than usual and very nicely thankyou ;-)).

Though triphala is renowned for helping with constipation and digestion issues, I was also curious to see if there were lots of personal stories out there about triphala being effective for weight loss. Here are some interesting and encouraging snippets I found on various sites. 

These people found Triphala a great help in their weight loss journey;

I’ve been using triphala for a couple of weeks as recommended (2 tablets twice a day); I heard about it on Dr. Oz and as an almost pure “Vata” type (with minor Pitta influence) thought, “I have to try this.” I’ve always had IBS-like symptoms including significant bloating, and it’s uncomfortable to say the least. I eat well, plenty of fruits and veggies, but still had trouble. Well, the triphala came and I tried it. Can’t say I thought much about it for the first week, but I figured maybe it was normalizing things without much overt effect at first. And about a week in, presto. I suddenly saw effects, and improvements keep happening. I’m “regular,” no mad dashes to the bathroom *or* constipation, and my pants fit, with bloating much less — not completely gone, but getting there. My skin is also clearer and I look about 10 years younger. It’s like I’m undergoing a deep all-over cleansing, which is actually probably what really *is* happening if my digestive system is normalizing. I plan on taking this for the rest of my life. I wish I’d heard about it years ago.

I saw Triphala on Doctor Oz, he said if someone does nothing else, they will lose weight with this. He is right, it works great! It makes you not hungry, and has really stopped my evening munching.


I’ve been taking triphala every night for about a year and a half… and it has done wonders. I didn’t need the weight loss – but it helped my digestion immeasurably. My secret recipe for health and happiness: Kundalini yoga, triphala (1/4 tsp in hot water… more if “necessary”), and no gluten. This has been the trifecta that has brought about mental clarity, health, strength and vitality (and a more toned mid-section). Feeling better than ever. Hope more people get onboard – ayurveda rather than pills to mask symptoms!


I started taking Triphala in June/ 2013. I was 240 pounds at the time. As of December when I weighed myself I am 198. 42 pounds in six months is not bad. Most weight I have lost ever, and kept it off.. I take 1 triphala tablet when I wake up 1 hour before I eat, take 1 tablet before lunch and 1 tablet before I go to sleep at night. And drink plenty of water throughout the day.


Triphala powder is a miracle medicine. My experience, I lost 3kgs in 4 weeks, my knee, ankle, finger JTS pain almost gone, inflammation reduced, BP reduced, eye sight reasonably improved (typed without glasses). I am 58 years old, I take one teaspoon at night 1 hr after dinner and I teaspoon in the morning with ample water. No problem or side effect. I feel better and fresher than before.

I bought this after watching an episode of Dr. Oz where he had a guest on who spoke about ayurvedic medicine. She suggested taking this, drinking ala tea, switching the dinner meal with the lunch meal, curry powder and massage. I bought this and took 2 pills every night for a month, drank ala tea (16 oz water, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1 tsp fennel seeds, and 1 tsp coriander seeds boiled for 5 minutes) for about a week I kept forgetting to drink it , and switched the lunch and dinner meals and lost 11 pounds in 1 month without exercise or dieting. In fact I thought I would gain weight because I had been eating fast food for the 3rd week while having work done on the kitchen. (Chili fries, burgers, fried zucchini, etc.) This was the easiest way to lose weight since it is effortless.


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